About Exhibition


The National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL) is the premier organization of the construction industry which is committed to the development of the construction industry in Sri Lanka. It was originally formed as the Association of Construction of Sri Lanka in 1981, with the initiation of the government of Sri Lanka and the support of the World Bank. The association formed with forty contractors, had financial steadily grown over the years, and now has over two thousand five hundred regular members scattered throughout the island.

Branches of the NCASL have been turned in all the provinces in Sri Lanka and the chairpersons of those branches became the members of the main board of directors functioning at National Level. NCASL has very close and healthy relationships with the Government of Sri Lanka and with all the stakeholders of the country.

NCASL membership is constituted with major, medium and small scale construction and represents at the National Advisory Council formed under the Construction Act of Sri Lanka to provide the much needed directions to formulate action programs for the development of the construction sector.

NCASL links not only to the several chambers connected with the construction industry in Sri Lanka but also it is a member of the International Federations of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Association (IFAWPCA)


“CONSTRUCT EXHIBITION” is Sri Lanka’s No. 1 Construction Exhibition which is the largest, most prestigious and most influential Construction Industry related exhibition & it brings together the entire value chain of the building & construction industry under one roof organized by the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL) for the 19th consecutive year.

CONSTRUCT 2016 will bring together builders, architects, engineers, contractors, developers, consultants, interior designers, quantity surveyors among many others in what is expected to be a most comprehensive construction trade exhibition in the country. This year’s exhibition will feature over three hundred local and foreign exhibitors while showcasing the achievements of Sri Lanka’s construction Industry and will function as a vibrant networking platform and resource center for all construction industry related players in the Asia Pacific region.

CONSTRUCT plays a prominent role because it has so much to offer. This is confirmed by the extremely positive response elicited by the combination of building materials, building services and construction equipment.

The main objective of the exhibition is to develop the construction industry in Sri Lanka by introducing world-class products, services and state-of-the-art technology. The exhibition will also provide an opportunity for exhibitors to display the latest range of products and services to the ideal target audience.