Why Participate at Construct


Effective exhibiting doesn’t rely on big expenditure but on being precise about what you want to achieve and how. Some of the important reasons for exhibiting are:

  • Gather a rich and pertinent source of new sales leads – both from new and existing customers
  • Establish a higher profile in the market using the only three-dimensional, direct marketing medium
  • Meet your audience face to face and know whether what you have to offer is what they want or need
  • Build brand awareness and strengthen your presence in the market
  • Get to know your target market better
  • Promote or launch your new product or service
  • Present your product or service alongside your competitors
  • Conduct research into your industry, product or service
  • Meet and network with influential buyers and end users
  • Clientele from both Government and Private sector organizations
  • Promotion of innovative ideas presently not available in the Sri Lankan market
  • Create networks with industry player

Strategic targeted marketing to every major sector of the construction industry is the key to bringing in the broadest range of qualified buyers. CONSTRUCT 2019’s attendees, promotional campaign utilizes a proven combination of extensive promotional tools such as:

  • Multi-level direct mail & e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Aggressive advertising in leading trade publications and newspapers
  • Ongoing media blitz of press releases, editorial coverage and publicity
  • Highly comprehensive electronic media advertising, Live TV updates and interviews
  • Targeted electronic promotions (e-mail, internet and fax)
  • Personalized telemarketin
  • Comprehensive, interactive website